Business Card Romance.
Time Waste Potential > 61 seconds.

Nothing says “true love” like a half finished, poorly maintained website. We are invited to “come on in” and “listen to the love story of Jason and Chrys – an office romance” and oogle at Chrys’s great rack. Well, maybe not that last part. >>>


Work Love – Invest in Office Romance (...and just in time for Valentines Day!)

A recent newspaper article revealed that “the majority of workers have had a romantic relationship with a colleague - and half of those who have done so admit it affected their work” Too right! There’s nothing like a mid-afternoon quickie behind the stack of photocopy paper to break up a monotonous day!

1. Have a gay romance.
As the saying goes - “a change is as good as a holiday!”

2. Sleep with the boss.
An oldie but a goody. Raise the stakes by suggesting a thr**some with Trish from Accounting.

3. Out source.
Go on a date and then instead of going back to their house, take them to your workplace and do it on a colleague’s desk. Then act all innocent the next day when Trish from Accounting complains about pubic hairs on her keyboard.

4. Have an online affair.
Stop sitting round, wasting time when you could be having hot cyber sex with a complete stranger in Norway!

5. Date yourself.
Send yourself flowers and make your workmates jealous. Tip: Don’t write on the card “To me.”

6. Hit on the cleaning lady.
Leave little notes on your desk like “I really like the way you leave everything so tidy” and “Hey Cleaning Lady, wanna go halves on a baby?”

7. Look at porn.
Everyone loves porn. So wait till a colleague has gone to lunch and then use their computer to browse some of the best bestiality sites the web has to offer.

8. Match make.
Spike the water cooler with tequila and watch love blossom.

9. Have an affair with your boss’s wife/husband.
Again, extra points if Trish from Accounting is involved.

10. Have an office romance in the style of…
Jane Austen. Bridget Jones. American Psycho. You choose.

Tell us about love in your office. Especially the saucy bits. Send photos if need be.