Seven Deadly Sins
Time Waste Potential > Depends on how slothful you are, sinner

Ever wondered what the eternal punishment for being greedy? Well you’re put in cauldrons of boiling oil, of course! This website pulls no punches when discussing the very worst side of humanity - “You probably commit some of them every day without thinking about the rich tradition of eternal damnation in which you’re participating” – but luckily has a sense of humour with it, because as it explains, “haven’t people always been immoral, shiftless, self gratifying, good-for-nothing sh*ts”? We’ll drink to that!

Warning: May make you think twice about sleeping with your married co-worker or stealing from the office. Then again it probably won’t.


The Art of Giving

Bored of the same old card / cake combo every time a colleague has a birthday / gets hitched / goes to jail? Then why not try something a little different…

Roll Your Own

Oragami, the Japanese art of paper folding, has been around for hundreds of years. Now welcome the origami boulder, or “wadded up paper” as coined by its creater. Not only do they make great gifts, but for an extra few bucks your origami boulder will come with a hand written haiku. Bonsai!

Don’t come back, Hilary

Lumbered with the sad envelope of twenty pence coins that constitutes Hilary’s retirement pressie fund? Never fear. The Retirement Gift Shop hosts a galaxy of moving and inspiring retirement gifts, including the $9.95 Don’t Look Back retirement candle, a 9 oz wax creation with tranquility fragrance, decorated with a ‘lovely beach sign’, that ‘reminds the retiree to move forward.’

Say it with a funeral car

Birthdays, maternity leave, retirement, new job. Nothing says ‘we neither know nor are fond of anything about you’ like a business card sculpture.Yes, for just $64.95 + shipping, you can convert twenty business cards into an amazing bottled card sculpture of a golfer, an ambulance, a computer, even a stock counter. In the words of Business Card Sculptures, they are, ‘truly, a work of art.’
Looking for something a little different? How about a business card hearse, the perfect retirement gift.