Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel #2

Read Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel # 1 to see what the h*ll we're going on about...

It was exactly 10.33am when Terry realised the second tab of Red Dragon had finally begun to kick in.

Iconography: Hand-free phone piece. Hallucinogenics.

Gary wasn’t used to being talked down to.

“Read the sign. Systems Engineer. Does it say I’m your b*tch? No, I don’t think so.” Garry said, rolling his eyes - only seconds before Larry beat the sh*t out of him.

Iconography: Computer. Maps. Oppressed s*xuality.

As a tribute to her years of tireless service at Mason & Mason, Alice's body was stuffed and displayed in the company reception room after her death - an honour only usually bestowed on directors.

Iconography: Hand-free phone piece. Taxidermy.

“Get off, you b*stard!” Johnson spat, trying to push him off, “Go back to accounts where you belong!”

“Never!” Smith yelled back, clutching onto the corporate ladder for dear life, tears streaming down his face as he recalled everything that he had sacrificed.

Iconography: Men in suits. On ladders.

And then, suddenly, Moira felt something warm against her thigh.

Iconography: Woman holding open laptop invitingly. Man with briefcase. Another lady with a clipboard. Oh, and lotsa browns & beige. This company totally digs browns & beige.