Sunny Day Skives

Continuing our series on ways to pull a summer sickie and get away with your tan…

"The yashmack? Do you like it? I thought it might be a good way to boost productivity. I can try and cover up with sweaters and the like, but my bre*sts are just so full and bouncy! Not fair on the chaps, really."



Bulge Report
Time Waste Potential > 13 minutes.

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Sunny Day Skives

"I don’t think I can make it in today… no.. I definitely… oooo… barbeque last night… pink chicken… gaaah… mmmbb… bye!"


Sunny Day Skives

"I’m afraid I won’t be in today, I have to go the hospital for my repigmentation treatment. For my vitaligo? Oh you are sweet, of course you’ve noticed. Yes, it’s only temporary, but it restores the pigment to the areas where the melancytes cells have died. I’ll probably look like I’ve been in the park all day! Oh, if only I could! I haven’t been able to tolerate sunlight without SPF 30 sun block since I was a child…"